court (courtxanne) wrote,

God's challenge.

i am thankful to be able to lead a life of freedom and gratitude. i am thankful that God decides to bless me with his love, strength, courage, and guidance from the moment i wake to the moment i fall asleep. i could never explain how special i feel to know that i'm in God's image and that he has this beautiful plan and life he himself planned just for me. i am in his light and i am his lamb. i am his living word and i am the example of what God creates and believes in. i believe we are all God's children, all made for a special purpose and reason.
life is fragil, dangerous, and breathtaking in the best and worst ways possible. it is overwhelming and grasps us my the wrist and pulls us into a million different directions. it leaves us broken and beaten. it renews us with love and spirit. life is really what you make it. you can despise life, deem it unworthy and pass each day with resentment. you can waste your life with alcohol, hate, and pain. you can believe that the Lord does not care for you in any essence and that your life is a mear pebble in existence. you can go everyday without thanking God for at least giving you another day to live. you can do all this because life is yours. it is yours to except and fulfill or to break and shatter. God gives us a choice.
i want to lead my life with love and Christ in my heart as much as i can. i want to spend my time with the people who love me and cherish my presence, not people who could careless if i existed. i want to be a light in a bleak world. i want to smile more than i breathe. i want to praise my Lord. i want to thank him for all the great and beautiful things he has given me. i want to live his word and i want to learn something new everyday from him. i want to take life. i want to take God's challenge.
i am meant to live. i was made for a purpose. God made me a vision and an image of himself. he wants me to live and breath and to prasie and to love as long as he wills me to. he wants me to believe in him with all my heart and soul. he takes his time to listen to my prayers. he blesses me everyday and guides me. he watches over me, making sure that his child is okay from harm or danger. he challenges me to be better, to work harder, to love more, and to never judge. he wants me to love my brothers and sisters, never to turn my back on any one of them. he wants me to take my life and lead it. 
i accept God's gift. i will live my life. all i ask is for his love and guidance along the way. i have nothing to fear or worry about. i have my Lord.
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