court (courtxanne) wrote,

oh i did.

GRANDMA'S KISSES, YOU FAGGOT! yeah, i know, we said it last time. fucking deal with fucking bitch.

"ah, fuck popsicles you little bitch. I like this and that and everything in my asshole especially those bitches down at the club! YEAH!"
"hello spongebob."
"whip out your sack, i'll be back in a second spongeballs. I prepared your favorite meal, spongeballs."
"grandma, your cookies make me feel like i have a really huge dick.
"oo yeah, grandma's asscheeks."
"i got one more thing for you spongeballs."

"spongebob, i must say i really find myself attracted to ....? baby, yeah."
"when i poop it makes me feel good."

"don't run away from your feelings."

"isn't this great? my wang is as hard as a prostetic leg."
"spongebob, your mother's a nice woman but your grandma's a whore!
"and she sucked my weiner until i saw her teeth in my butthole."
"how many teeth in your butt?"
"i love his movies."
"i got four words for ya: I LOVE THIS COMPANY!"
"my dick. is sad. because you make me mad you big floppy fish you."
"big floppy fish? you're a fucking assbang, you fucking shit head. fuck you.
"yeah right you wana fucking laugh? sardin fucking shithead fucking flopping and flopping. you fucking asshole im gunna take it out and im gunna jam it up your rear end and stick it in your stagola."
"your like the sponges that clean dishes spongebob."
"really?! you mean it you retard?"
"yeah you fuck face! hahahaha"
"i jerk off all day!
"GRANDMA! i wish keanu reeves was here to save me from the matrix right now!"

"i need"
"why don't you go through puberty you fucking little cock ass."
"you think so?"
"you know how grandmas are about denzel washington. all they want is a black man with a really huge dick. i mean c'mon now really."
"you saw titanic?"
"yeah the worlds a really big ape?
"the rockets, oranges, DAVID HASSELHOFF!
"david hasselhoff would not be seen with gumby. maybe pokey but not gumby!"
"yeah! awkward. sometimes i tape my dick to my thighs."
"allow me to demonstrate. first, show me your tits. oh wow, look at them titties!"
"thank you, their real."
"speaking of titties, i love creed. have you ever heard creed?"
"haha i almost shit my pants!"

"this is your kingdom, spongebob."
"everything the light touches."
"simba was a bitch everyone knows that."
"yeah nala was sucha whore at pride rock ooo."
"oh yeah baby i hit that shit."
"yeah baby just like gumby."
"fucking gumby."
"all we need now is the bitches down at the club to sniff grandma's ass.
"so i got these bad boys right hurr."

"oh spongebob vin desil once made a go-cart that goes around the hopes and dreams of orphans. it goes fast."
"granny have you seen pokey lately he's been missing."
"he's with gumby that fuck face mcgee fucking sellout fucking green painted toy."
"now she me them titties grandma. i'm a big boy and i have urges to ALEC BALDWIN IS AN ASSHOLE!"
"ooo, i want him to urinate all over my tits!"
"grandma! your a disgusting fuckbag."
"spongebob the president was kidnapped by ???, he got that boner looking at my titties you fuck."
"thank you, grandma, my boner is quite a wonder."
"his hat is so stupid"
"ha ha ha! no grandma i cannot accept these ass cookies. the fushion of them in my mouth just suck.

"keep em coming granny! nomnomnom."
"what the fuck would kevin bacon do?"
"kevin bacon would dance around in this fucking hat patrick. naaahhhahaha."
"patrick you betrayed me.
"now give me some assless chaps you fuck face."
"tits. and if i had assless chaps i see this going around." ??
"oh my god! you are a raunchy old woman. all those years with grandpa really made you a dirty bitch.
"YOU'RE A GAY, FAT STARFISH! check it out, look at you! your made of clay, you gotta a pointy face, your

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