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fake Christian.

I have always been a supporter of equal rights. May it be based on color or based on who someone loves. The Proposition 8 has made me furious and dissapointed. For those who are not very familiar with the legislation, it proposes that gay marriage is illegal and not recognized in California. I believe that we all deserve love and respect. Taking away someones right to love is against everything I believe in.
Alright, let's start with all the comments on how I am a "fake Christian" and that the Bible says that marriage is between a man and a woman. I don't believe that you are very Christian yourself if you are against gay marriage. God calls us to love, serve, respect, and support our brothers and sisters. Just because a person is gay does not affect the love God has for that person. We are called to be God's light, to live a life that he would call us to live. If you go out and say that a person doesn't deserve a right because of the way they live their life, you are not a Christian. You ignore God's call to us and I believe that you see yourself worthy of playing God. You think you choose how people live their lives and can judge every ounce of them. I believe God already has that part. And think about it for a second, what would Jesus do if he saw two men or two women who loved eachother? Would he go over to them and tell them what they do is wrong? Would he judge?
I belive it is petty to have to talk about whether a person has the right to love or not. We have come so far in our history, especially as Americans. Our ancesters came to America for freedom; for a new life. We fought wars and people gave their lives for others to live a life of freedom. We fought for the rights of all people to be free in their own country. We struggled against racism and discrimination. We overcame being a land that judged a person based on their skin and background. How it seems we fall back to our old ways when we judge and discriminate against gay people.
Call me what you will. Say that I am wrong and go against the Bible. As I understand, God wants me to love. God wants me to do what I think is just and what is what He himself would do. God would not be taking people's rights away. God would not turn his cheek and snicker if he saw a man and another man holding hands and being happy. 
Sure, I am not gay. I do not follow a life like that. But if I were, I would want my rights. I would want to be able to love, to hug, to kiss, to be human and share a life with another person. I would want people to look at me as a human, not as a gay person. I would want the world to see me as just another person and that I deserve the love that I recieve.
It is remarkable to see how far we have come as a civilization of men and women. Please, let us not fall into hate and judgement. Let us not turn our cheek to a person just like us. Let us be people that love and serve God. Let us believe that one day, a man and man/woman and woman will be able to stand at an alter in all parts of this country and take the vows to be with eachother forever. A law does not bound or deterierate love. How can we take the right of love from someone and sleep well at night? How do we teach our children it is okay to hate and reject those who are different from us?
I am one person. I am one heart and one mind and one soul. I have one voice and I have one faith and that is with God. I pray he will one day let his people love freely. I pray that we can look back on this disgraceful act and look down on it. I hope this path of hate is one America does not further travel.
Do not play God. Do not think for one second you have the right to say someone's love is wrong.

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