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hell is so close and heavens out of reach. well, i ain't given up quite yet. i got too much to lose.

do you ever get those days where you sit there and its like "where has the last five years gone?"
i did and it's really spooky.

i feel so strong after this year.
i feel like i am a bigger person.
i feel like i can do anything next year.
i feel scared not knowing what next year brings.
i feel excited that i can look back and not regret.
i feel proud that i've done the things i've done.
i feel like every tear was never wasted.
i feel empowered to do better and go faster.
i feel as though nothing can stop me.
i feel the Lord with me in every step.
i feel like i can't thank Him enough for days like these.
i feel like these are the days of my life.

a lady told me today that high school is going to be the best years of my life. 
i feel really stoked on that.

soooo much nostalgia doing these things. :D
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