court (courtxanne) wrote,

The Right America?

i watched a movie tonight called Right America. it was about a journalist who followed John McCain's campaign trail prior to the election of 2008. let me just say it was a very well put together movie. but some of the things and people featured in the movie made my jaw drop and astonished me.
the movie interviewed several people, talking about why McCain would be the best man to be president. i learned that america is full of ignorant and racist people. these people got on my nerves. i was shocked to see how some people twisted the events prior to election in their minds into complete nonsense. people called Obama the next Hitler. they said that the actions Obama took towards his presidency were similar to the steps Hitler took to controling Germany. this made me feel so offended that people could take the actions of a man with a young, hopeful following and compare it to a mass-murderer.
some people were asked how they felt about his race. they made it clear in the more southern states that the majority would not accept a black man as president. now come on, it's 2009. if you are still in the mind frame that a black man is lower than you in any way than you are not someone i would EVER want to associate myself with. they also mentioned how some still believe woman should not be allowed to vote still. i believe in values and tradition; when you take it so far to the point where you lower people because they are not the same skin tone or gender as you, you have crossed the line of being "old-fashioned."
supporters made it very clear that working blue collar people are better Americans than people who work in cities, factories, or who have a desk job. i am an American. i was born with that right. no one can tell me other wise. i believe that title belongs to every other person living in the United States. if you think you can classify yourself as a better American than me because you work in a different environment and in your eyes harder, you are disgraceful. a part of being an American is unity; saying that shows me that you do not see yourself as someone who supports their country and EVERYONE in it. how people could wrap their minds around the fact that just because they may work harder than someone else, they are a better American is beyond me.
another thing that upset me is how much people overlook the fact that church and state are two different matters. i am christian and i follow God with all my heart. but there is a difference between religion and government and the two should not be crossed. people believe that because they are christian they should vote for McCain. if i were of age to vote, i would have voted for Obama. God would not see me as any less than his child by doing so. it sickens me to see that a pastor spoke to people about the election in a church and advised people to vote for McCain. when i go to church, i want to hear about God and be told how i can become a better christian; not who i should vote for. our nation stands on freedom of religion; not freedom to run our country based on religion.
it made me sad to see so many people believing that this country is going to wither under the leadership of Obama. it confused me to see people be so ignorant. it made me chuckle when the black men at a soup kitchen told a McCain campaginer that they would never vote for McCain because they thought McCain didn't care about black people. it sickened me to see people compare a good man to Hitler. it awakened me to the fact that so many people have polar opposite ideas and views as me.
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