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He really blows me away.

I feel so inspired in so many different aspects lately. I am happy and I am living out my days with smiles and love. I'm going to bed with a giant smile on my face and my heart ready to exploid from all the love that it has been feeling.
This summer started out pretty weak, not gunna lie. I want a great summer; I want a summer that I'm going to look back on and just feel proud of myself for doing all that I accomplished in a period of a few months. I felt bummed; I felt laggy. I felt like the days were passing me by and that I was not having a summer that I wanted. I've always known that if I want to do something, it's up to me to get that done. I can't wait around on 11:11 wishes or Facebook updates for surprise and excitement. I need to make my own summer to remember. I need live out the love, happiness, and strength that God blesses me with everyday of my life.
Monday was inspiring and awoke me from a tired and lazy drought from graduation til now. It made me smile more and more then I can remember in that period of time. It reminded me how much kids make me happy and how much their smiles, laughs, jokes, and love make me feel outstanding. It's rewarding in more ways than one when you know you helped make a kid have a fantastic day. I live in nostalgia and I'm not going to deny it. Summer camp fuels this and I enjoy every minute of it.
God's love makes me inspired as it is but when I see it in the faces of these kids and people, it makes me even more motivated to do good and to live out a life that God wants me to live. It's easy to lose sight of love and God's glory. But i truely believe this week instilled so much love and happiness that I am not able to thank God enough for all he gives me. He gives me love, He gives me moments in the day where I laugh and never want to day to end. I love God so much for giving me opportunities everyday to live and to be His light. 
I encourage you to find God's light. I encourage you to do something with your summer that you will remember. I encourage you to do something, may you be paid or not. I encourage you to work hard for what you want and to never lose sight of the glory of God while doing it. I encourage you to find God's love in your own. I encourage you to make your own luck and to know even if you fall or something goes awry, you have the Lord and he will pick you up and heal. I encourage you to love, to be a person you want to be. I encourage you to live your life and never ever think about stopping.

The best part about it all is that it's not even close to being over.
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