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i wana tear up the sky with you.

wow, you must think i hate you or something.
but i don't! i've been a non-busy bee lately.
i have no excuses.

it's summer. yeah, thanks for telling us that court. :P
i don't have like anything going on so i have no excuse of being busy or anything.
i've been playing day-by-day on what i'm doing.
i have two weeks at summer camp so super ecited for that!
i'm really hoping this summer will be a win. we'll see.

jonas brothers's album came out hoy!
oy vey, i'm in love.
i love those boys with sucha passion.
they make me skip a heartbeat. <3
leave the comments of how lame i am at the door, por favor.

we're redoing my bedroom this summer.
i've been spending my mornings packing and putting things in boxes and trash bags.
it's so empty. it feels very awkward and not like my room.
i cannot wait for the end product.
living out of boxes and on a matress shall be my life for a month or so.
soo. i'm thinking the webcam won't be in use. 

i got a facebook.
no, you can't have the link.
but this thing is hella addicting.
aka my life for the past few days.

i love you. : )
please don't think otherwise.
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